Questions and Answers


How does the natural gas program work?

Just like our industrial customers, you can now qualify for a program with your local gas company to lower the cost of gas which we deliver using the interstate pipelines.  Each month we monitor your gas usage, then direct the natural gas to move on the interstate pipelines to your area of the United States.

How much can I save on my gas bill?

That depends on your current rate classification and on your monthly usage.  Since your usage may be very small compared to our industrial customers, you may not save thousands each month, but you will surely save thousands each year.  Our representatives can better answer these questions regarding your actual savings.

Who reads my meter?

Your local gas company reads the meter each month just like they always have.

How does the billing work and how do I save?

At the end of each month you will receive two separate bills.  One from the local gas company on the amount which they transported,and a bill from us for the natural gas supplied.  The total of both bills together will be significantly less than your current gas bill.

Why will my local gas company let me purchase my gas from the well like the big end-users do?

Both your local gas company and your state regulators realize that you can reduce your cost of gas by purchasing directly from us at the wellhead.   Recently, they have developed a program that meets all the needs and concerns of the local gas company, so you can now benefit like the big end-users have for years.